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Legacy Mobile Dysphagia Diagnostics, LLC is a Louisiana based company, currently serving the North Louisiana market.  LMDD was founded by a dedicated group of healthcare and business professionals with a commitment to deliver cost effective, mobile FEES (Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing) in our area to enhance the patient’s quality of life.  


We strive to provide facilities with on-site mobile FEES to further improve patient outcomes, satisfaction, and quality of life.  

A FEES examination can be scheduled within 24-48 hours of initial contact to ensure satisfaction and will provide documentation, including video and image prints, before leaving the facility.

Comparing modified barium swallow study (MBSS) and FEES

MBSS (Modified Barium Swallow Study) FEES
Completed in radiology with radiologist  Mobile-only requires SLP present
Pt. must be able to sit upright Can be done with bedbound patients 
Completed with barium in food/liquids “Regular” food with food coloring is used to simulate regular feeding of meals
Exposed to radiation-limits time for study No exposure-unlimited time allowed for study
Captures only during active swallow and sometimes after  Continuous recording- captures aspiration after the swallow and in between swallows (including esophageal backflow)

Other advantages of FEES include the ability to be completed with patients on isolation and tracheostomy and mechanically ventilated populations, as well as providing a direct and in color view of all anatomical structures.  FEES is more cost efficient, with eliminating transportation and personnel cost. 

Patient Benefits

Patients that would benefit from FEES

  • Any patients with dysphagia, which is defined by any difficulty with swallowing
    • Especially those with NG or PEG tubes (feeding tubes) or patients that are NPO
  • Recently extubated patients
    • Especially patients in the COVID-ICU, as they may have trauma to their laryngeal cavity following intubation/extubation 
  • Head, neck & throat cancer patients 
  • Patients with a history of neurological conditions such as a traumatic brain injury, CVA/TIA, ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, etc.
  • Patients with dementia
  • Patients with vocal and/or respiratory deficits, such as COPD 
  • Patients with RECURRENT pneumonia or malnourishment


Facility Benefits

  • Ability to add dysphagia diagnosis, when applicable
  • Further justification for therapy, skilled days, etc.
  • Eliminate cost of transportation and personnel cost
  • Potential to decrease patient cost of IV medication, thickener, modified diets, tube feedings, etc. 
  • Scheduling within 24-48 hours of initial contact
  • Same day results and reporting
  • Determining the etiology of the dysphagia will help lower the cost of patient care
    • Decrease re-hospitalizations 
    • Potentially lower cost for tube feedings/supplemental nutrition costs, IV meds
    • Streamline treatment planning & improve therapeutic outcome statistics
    • Aid in patient/family decision making
    • Increase patients’ quality of life/satisfaction

Attrill et al, 2018, stated that Dysphagia adds approximately 40.36% to healthcare costs and increases hospital stays up to 5 additional days.

Lezlee Shauf

M.S., CCC-SLP/Endoscopist

Lezlee Shauf, M.S., CCC-SLP/Endoscopist earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology with a minor in psychology and her Masters in Speech Language-Pathology from the University of Louisiana at Monroe.  She is an ACE award recipient for her commitment to continuing education in the scope of speech-language pathology with substantial experience in outpatient clinics, long term care, skilled nursing/subacute rehab, inpatient rehab, and acute care settings.  

Lezlee is licensed in the state of Louisiana and holds her Certificate of Clinical Competency from the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA).  She is a trained FEES endoscopist with expertise in the assessment and management of dysphagia consistent with the standards of the ASHA Code of Ethics.  She is also certified in neuromuscular electrical stimulation (AmpCare) and CPR.  Lezlee is dedicated to improving the field of speech-language pathology by enhancing our area’s ability to provide the highest level of evidence-based practice and care to their patients.

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